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Information sharing / Knowledge transfer

The Dangers of Forced Displacement: Chronic and Emerging Health Needs of Venezuelans in the Americas Region.

Findings of a report prepared by researchers from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy on the health status and challenges of Venezuelans who have been displaced to other countries in the Americas region.

  • Read the full report here
  • Read the PowerPoint Presentation here
  • Read the executive summary here

Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health Study on Venezuela's Health Crisis

The Simón Bolívar Foundation presented results from a recent report on the health crisis in Venezuela, aiming to help guide humanitarian health programs and provide updated, objective and reliable data.

  • Read the full report here
  • Read the key findings presentation here
  • Read the executive briefing here

Library & Digital Information Networks World Health Organization

Academic and professional content to improve teaching, research, and policy-making in health, agriculture, the environment, and other life, physical and social sciences.

Institute for Health Care Improvement - COVID-19

A list of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) guidance and resources helpful for hospital and health system leaders and health care providers.

Health of Venezuelan Diaspora

Charts and information about the Venezuelan migration and humanitarian response.

SOS Telemedicine and COVID

YouTube playlists of health-related topics and COVID-19 in Spanish.

Venezuelan National Academy of Medicine

Information about medicine in Venezuela, including a gazette with medical research in Spanish.

Together is Better Challenge

A partnership led by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Inter-American Development Bank providing a platform for collaboration to support Venezuelans and Venezuelan-diaspora host communities.

Project Encovi

Research-based source of Venezuelan population data.

R4V Response for Venezuelans

Dashboard with data about the Venezuelan migrants and refugees.

Wilson Center - COVID-19 in Latin America

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads across Latin America, Wilson Center experts are closely tracking the disease, its effects on public health, economies, and foreign policy, and the measures that can make a difference for those living in the region.

Caracas Medical Gazette (Dec. 2020)

The latest publication of the Caracas Medical Gazette from the National Academy of Medicine.

Free Access to Health Care

COVID-19 Free Testing

Map search for COVID-19 testing centers in the U.S.

Free Medical Care

Website to locate free medical clinics and health services in the U.S.

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