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COVID-19 PPE Grant Program for Venezuela

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the tremendous impact it has had among Venezuelan health professionals, we are launching an open call for proposals of our Medium/Large Humanitarian Health Grants exclusively focused on the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)...

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The Foundation has three grant categories that provide access to funding, help build capacity, and empower nonprofits, all with the goal of expanding access to medicine and nutrition which ultimately improves wellbeing for the most vulnerable individuals in and from Venezuela.

Small grants

Empowering local nonprofit organizations working to help vulnerable people and those affected by the complex humanitarian emergency in Venezuela by:

  • Increasing access to medicines and health-care services;
  • Improving health professionals' capabilities to serve and treat patients through education and support;
  • Supporting educational, preventive health care, nutrition, and well-being initiatives;
  • Increasing nonprofits' skills and knowledge to better serve their beneficiaries; and
  • Prioritizing projects that help children and address maternal health issues.

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View COVID-19 Small Grants Guidelines

Humanitarian Health
Medium Large Grants

This program focuses on helping address the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis through initiatives that improve access to medicines, nutrition, and healthcare for low income and vulnerable individuals and populations. Grants are larger than $50,000 and awards are considered strategic partnerships, limited to U.S. registered 501 (c)(3) organizations or fiscal sponsors with a long-standing presence and demonstrated capacity to perform projects in Venezuela or in the region. Selected organizations are invited to present proposals that are evaluated by an independent Community Advisory Board based on the criteria below.

  • Budget and Cost-effectiveness
  • Project design/plan
  • Project impact
  • Implementation time frame
  • Sustainability over time

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Knowledge Transfer Medium/Large Grants

This program aims to enhance the capacity of medical professionals and caregivers to serve and treat patients in Venezuela through training in nutrition, global health practices, and disaster medicine. Additionally, this grant category will help retain doctors in Venezuela and improve infrastructure of medical training facilities.

Past Grants & Grantees

“Hoy Invita Simón” Small Grant Food Program

In light of the COVID-19, the Foundation is launched Hoy Invita Simón, a grant program to help fund food initiatives in local communities severely affected by the economic and social impact of the pandemic.

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Small Grants (First Round)

During our first round of Small Grants, the Foundation awarded six grants totaling $100,000 to nonprofits that expand access to medicine, health care services, and health education to vulnerable individuals in and from Venezuela.

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COVID-19 Small Grants

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the Foundation launched a special round of small grants that specifically help alleviate the damaging effects of the pandemic in Venezuela in the midst of a deteriorating public health system.

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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund was activated at the end of March 2020 in response to additional challenges brought about by COVID-19 within the existing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

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