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COVID-19 Small Grants

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, the Foundation launched a special round of small grants that specifically help alleviate the damaging effects of the pandemic in Venezuela in the midst of a deteriorating public health system.

Through an open call on the SBF website, organizations presented projects that could be implemented quickly based on defined criteria, including impact, project plan and cost-effectiveness. All projects were evaluated through a competitive review process administered by an experienced advisory committee. From a pool of 38 applicants, 15 projects were selected and will receive a total of $475,343 in donations to make each project a reality.

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American Initiatives for Social Development Foundation

Preventing and detecting COVID-19 patients in a high-risk community of more than 350 people in a rural area within Zulia state.

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American Venezuelan Engagement Foundation Inc.

Providing approximately 15,000 nutritious and fortified meals per month, feeding more than 700 beneficiaries.

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Ascardio (Fiscal Sponsor: A Better America Foundation)

Developing a telemedicine service for screening, management, and remote monitoring for COVID-19 patients. It will provide more than 5,400 hours of medical attention to approximately 5,500 direct and indirect patients in Lara state, Venezuela.

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Big Little JC Association

Providing 220 cystic fibrosis patients in Maracaibo with equipment, nutrition supplies, medications, and oxygen to ensure their wellbeing.

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Chamos in the Aid of the Children of Venezuela

Supporting more than 14,800 children in 12 Venezuelan states and equipping soup kitchens and community centers with sanitation material, tanks, and water purification filters to mitigate the contagion of COVID-19 and support feeding programs.

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Convite A.C. (Fiscal Sponsor: Accion for Solidarity)

Providing personal protective equipment and hygiene products to prevent the spread of coronavirus in 73 nursing homes that serve 1,600 elderly people in the Capital District, Miranda and Lara states in Venezuela.

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Entre Todos

Preparing and strengthening emergency medical service and pre-hospital care response, serving more than 600 people in Caracas amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Friends of the Children of Venezuela

Providing personal protection equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies and portable sinks, medicines, supplements, and education for patients, personnel, and visitors at a pediatric hospital in Venezuela.

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Primeros Auxilios Ulandinos (Fiscal Sponsor: Accion for Solidarity)

Developing a diagnostic test for tuberculosis using the molecular method in patients previously diagnosed with COVID-19 in Mérida state, Venezuela, that will be provided for free to more than 2,000 people.

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Saludos Conection

Distributing technological equipment that will facilitate telemedicine services for 1,200 elderly or disabled people in various locations in Venezuela.

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SOS Telemedicina Universidad Central de Venezuela School of Medicine

Through the Llamada SOS project of the School of Medicine of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, a direct telephone line will be available to provide free telemedicine services for the diagnosis and follow-up of patients exposed or infected with COVID -19 throughout the country.

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Ven Da Tu Mano (Fiscal Sponsor: I Love Venezuela Foundation Inc.)

Donating 2,000 medical kits with PPE, antiseptic alcohol and paracetamol to doctors and health personnel, and 2,175 kits for patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus in 11 hospitals in Venezuela. Also, producing face shields in Venezuela that will benefit more than 4,000 people in 11 hospitals.

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