Grants & Grantees

“Hoy Invita Simón” Small Grant Food Program

Given the huge economic impact the pandemic had in vulnerable populations, like the Venezuelan diaspora, the Foundation launched the Hoy Invita Simón Small Grant Food Program, a food assistance initiative to help with food insecurity in eight cities in the U.S.

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Aid for Aids International Inc.

Reducing food insecurity for economically vulnerable populations, like the Venezuelan diaspora in New York by distributing food packages with a 2-week food supply twice a month.

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Big little JC Association

Supporting communities in need with baskets of vegetables, fruits, meats, and non-perishable items. The program aims to reach the members of the Venezuelan diaspora in the Greater Houston area that been economically affected by the COVID-19, especially families with special needs children.

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Food Rescue US

Opening community kitchens in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia to distribute approximately 4,500 free meals for people in need during 9-weeks.

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Fulshear Outreach and Development Corporation

Providing approximately 24,000 pounds of prepared meals and food pantries to communities in need for 5 months.

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SVC Foundation Corp.

Proving a food bank service twice a month for eighteen weeks in support of families in vulnerable situations in the Doral, Florida area.

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