Grants & Grantees

Health Projects for Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia

Given the continuing impact generated by the Venezuelan Complex Humanitarian Emergency in the Americas, in 2021 a total amount of $663,325 was awarded to support four charity projects that will help improve the health conditions of Venezuelan migrants and caminantes (migrants traveling partially or totally on foot) in Colombia.

  • 30 applications were received and evaluated from organizations
  • 14 of them were invited to submit proposals
  • 7 submitted proposals
  • 4 projects were selected

Projects benefited:

  • Medical Center for Migrant Women
    Installation of four stations or semi-permanent "tents" for emergency care for one year, on the road between Cúcuta and Bucaramanga, with the aim of providing health and wellness care to caminantes migrants.

    It is estimated that the project will benefit 25,200 adults, 9,000 children and will distribute 17,640 medicines.
  • Stay in School
    It will consolidate a safe environment for children and young people from migrant and host communities, through the promotion of nutrition and health prevention in school. The organization will work with two public schools in Cúcuta.

    It is estimated that the project will benefit 100 adults and 200 children with the distribution of 36,000 meals.
  • Better Maternal Health Services for Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia
    It will improve the access and quality of free maternity services for Venezuelan women in northeastern Colombia through primary care services and training for health professionals.

    It is estimated that the project will benefit 5,000 migrant women and 300 health professionals.
  • Strengthening the Health and Nutrition of Venezuelan Mothers
    It will support Venezuelan migrants, with special attention to children and women, in terms of health, food security and nutrition by providing meals, distribution of hygiene kits, and medical referral services and community integration, among others.

    The project is estimated to benefit 250,000 adults and 11,772 children, and distribute 250,000 meals.