The View from the Ground: NGO Service Providers and Funder Collaborations

This webinar focuses on learning from organizations and funders about what they see on the ground in Venezuela and the diaspora and how they are responding. The webinar is moderated by Tanya Gulliver-Garcia from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and begins with welcome remarks from Mariela Poleo, the president of the Simón Bolívar Foundation. Feliciano Reyna-Ganteaume, president of Acción Solidaria, shares information on the work of this organization and other civil society actors collaborating in Venezuela and the day-to-day challenges these groups encounter. Next, Lala Lovera, Executive Director of the Fundación Comparte por una vida Colombia, discusses the pressing needs of Venezuelan migrants, particularly women and children, and how Comparte is designing services and collecting data. Oswaldo Alvizar, consultant for Mexico and Latin American Partnerships for GlobalGiving, follows by providing an overview of how GlobalGiving identifies, vets and collaborates with local organizations working in the crisis. The webinar’s final speaker, Hilda Vega, director of Philanthropic Practice with Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), describes a funder Working Group convened by HIP and outlines what funders should consider as they make investments.

Feliciano Reyna-Ganteaume of Acción Solidaria reflected on the challenges of Venezuelans who have acted as first responders in their home country without prior humanitarian experience. The urgency and extent of the internal crisis prompted creativity in developed collaboration. Roadblocks continue to tamper the efforts but humanitarian networks have helped to overcome them.

Lala Lovera of Fundación Comparte por Una Vida Colombia reminded the audience that all the needs and rights of displaced Venezuelans are not met and granted by crossing a border. Risks in the host communities include human trafficking, gang recruitment, scams, and explotation. The lack of information about government processes and programs is the biggest challenge to new arrivals. Working with the host communities in mid-and long-term recovery and integration is urgently needed.

Oswaldo Alvizar of GlobalGiving is working with 41 Venezuelan and host community organizations to accelerate community-led change among its network of 5,000+ non-profits. Trust and flexibility are two main pillars for GlobalGiving, earned from working in Venezuela since 2003. GlobalGiving has a detailed due diligence process that acknowledges the reputational risk, screens for compliance and builds a library of project reports and reviews.

Hilda Vega of Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP) shared the 40-year history of the organization in mobilizing resources for Latinx-led and Latinx-serving non-profit organizations and the more recent group, Venezuelans Moving Forward. They are working with funders to raise awareness of Venezuelans’ needs and leverage the capacities of stakeholders to share information and resources. The plan is to bring migrants into this working group to guide in making strategic investments that result in collective impact.

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